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Click on the picture to add the item to your cart. The O2Remote comes with one (1) remote. You can purchase an extra remote by clicking its picture above.


The O2Remote is designed to be used with any standard, 13 gallon/50L kitchen type or 10 gallon office trash bin with the general dimensions of: 20.5 inches (52cm) tall, 11.25 inches (29cm) wide, and 15.5 inches (39cm) deep. The dimensions can vary slightly from these, but for best performance, use a container very close to these dimensions. These containers are easily available in all typical stores. Go to and search for "garbage cans for kitchen"; or, go to and search for "10 gallon office trash can". You can order directly from either site. We recommend using the tallest container that will work in your environment. The taller the container, the better the system will perform.

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