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About Our Business

Oxygen Management Systems, LLC

Our business began with an idea...Andrea Lucas, (pictured at right with husband and co-founder, Tim Lucas) working as an RN for a home health company saw patient after patient struggling with their long oxygen tubing. Knowing there was almost nothing available to help with this problem, she told her husband Tim about an idea she had that could literally change the lives of those struggling with this problem. From that idea, Tim began the long and arduous process of inventing what is now the O2Remote oxygen tube handling system. This system is now helping thousands of people all over the world who rely on home oxygen therapy to live better and safer lives. Our company's primary goal is to dramatically improve the quality of life for each of our customers by providing the highest quality device at an affordable price. We accomplish this goal one customer at a time and therefore we strive to give every customer the care and attention they deserve.  

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The O2Remote Story

The O2Remote Story

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